Stories Behind the Scene. Arballoid

So, the Pharaoh kidnapped Ra and hid him somewhere secret. The people of Egypt pointed their little fingers: “Vile, mean Pharaoh!” However, talk is cheap, and it was clear that something had to be done about the trouble.

The people racked their brains and created a magical weapon that would help defeat the enemy and save the god. The thing was called Arballoid. Why? It just sounded cool)

Yet whatever the appearances, the weapon was cool indeed - it obtained the great power of the Sun.

Now, every weapon needs a skilful hand. If you hit the ball, hit it well! Wanna regenerate the ball after it has been lost - there you go! Arballoid can even prevent that naughty ball from rolling out of the field!

However, the best thing about Arballoid is its ability to renew the solar energy. Sounds exciting? So be it then, you who wants to become a hero - dive into the play, earn boosters to reinforce your power and knock yourself out with the Arballoid!