Arballoid - Beta-Testing

We are very happy and proud to share the results of Arballoid’s beta-testing!

We've got a lot of positive feedback. The players greatly enjoyed friendly user interface, interesting tasks on each level, the art and the sound effects:

"- Design: simple, clean interface

- Performance: snappy

- Functionality: enough to keep the user engaged

- Music: excellent

- Navigation: smooth"

“I really like the layout and design of the game. Also, unlike other similar concept games, I like the ball shooter at the bottom. The game theme is also very creative.”

“The graphics and sounds are really nice.”

“I really like the sound effects when the enemy gets hit making an ‘oof’ sound and of the ball as well.”

“I had excellent time and this game, as mentioned above, is as well quite refreshing contrary to the traditional games. The music does compliment which makes the play an awesome experience.”

Thus, we are now getting real close to our game’s release, very inspired by how people feel about it:

“This is a great game and definitely better than all the other games with the same concept. Good luck!”

Thanks everyone for taking your time and trying it out! We’ll be waiting for you in the game very soon!)